If it’s not apparent already, I am neither a professional writer or artist.  I’m a man in need of an outlet and lots of attention.

I’ll be sure to keep updating and creating as long as someone out there finds amusement in it.  Stay classy and thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Killer F’ing RGIII photos…love it!!! When I heard the news on Saturday morning, I “knew” that one of our faithful had taken the time and initiative to construct something so awesome…HTTR!!!

  2. Im a diehard Redskin fan have been since the days a billy kilmer when i was a kid..rfk was rocking,i wanted to know if i could get a shirt with the dc takeover pic on it,all my hommies saw the pic and we love it,holla back

  3. The new season has started,are u gonna post some new picd,im a redskin diehard,since the billy kilmer days…i love the pics

  4. Wow i love this website. I too am a HUGE fan of all the DC sports teams, and I love your work. the Nats/Caps/Wizards/Skins mixed logo is great. How did you make all that artwork? I was wondering if it was a website or something, so i could try it. I have a Facebook page about DC sports and I was wondering if i could use some of your art for it. Ill credit you of course. And I was wondering if you are going to make more. (I’ve been looking everywhere for a “its dallas week” cover photo) Thanks and you should continue to update the site, its great!!

    • Jeremy, you have officially made my day! It’s pretty obvious I don’t put enough time in to this page, but I really do enjoy creating something and seeing other fans enjoy it. My ‘to-do’ list, which is getting very long, definitely includes a return to homelesszombie. I promise I’ll get some new content out there and thank you very much for the kind words!

      • Sure thing Randy, and its all well deserved. That logo with the Caps eagle logo, the Skins logo and feathers, the Wizards logo then the curly W is spectacular. I love it. Your work has inspired me to try and do some of my own for my DC sports facebook page, but I don’t have photoshop, so I was looking for an artwork making site to work on. Even the work where you were upset about a game (like the “It’s Dallas week…ahh fuck it” picture) looks well done. I check back on the site regularly to see if there’s any new work, and I get sucked in to your old posts, reading and admiring them.

      • Whoops haha I accidentally presses enter when only half my name was written.
        Meant to say Jeremy.

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