It launches its missiles against the targets in Russia.


Terminator OvechkinI don’t do enough Caps stuff especially considering how much time I spend watching games during the season.  With the personalities and talent on the team, the possibilities are endless for funny and creative pics.

Tonight I was listening to Grant Paulson talk about the season starting this weekend and I was so amped up I had to do something.  I’m excited to see how the team adapts to a new system, a short season and a new coach.  And I hear the Great 8 is in better shape after playing in Russia the past few months.  Made me think about how unstoppable the guy is when he plays at his peak, hence, the Terminator idea.  Besides, any time I can mix one of my favorite athletes with one of my favorite movies I’m all for it.  Hope you all enjoy, GO CAPS!





Robert Griffin III Redskins

On April 26th, 2012 you may hear a horrific, effeminate squeal ring out over the busy streets of Northern Virginia.  This sound will be me shrieking with delight and flailing flamboyantly in front of my television as the Redskins draft one Robert Griffin the third.  Tears will be shed, man crushes will be solidified, respect from my loved ones will reach an all time low.  The savior of Redskins football is only a draft pick away friends.  Fingers crossed…

OVER 9000!!!!


Saiyan LeBron James

For the hand full of supportive friends who actually follow this blog, I am sorry for the lack of new content.  Christmas, engagements, and Skyrim were to blame.  I return to you a wiser man now ready to take on my responsibilities… pointless photoshops!

Oh, and here’s LeBron James as Vegeta…. Enjoy!



To conform to the meme-crazy internets, I tossed in some Impact font and voila!

VeBron Meme

LeBron James over 9000

Coming Attractions: MIKE “POOPY FACE” SHANAHAN

There’s been a buffet of sad and depressing news in the sports world today and I was having trouble finding a pick-me-up.  I then came across this very amusing article by Dan Steinberg (Link) on the Washington Post website.  It shows Mike Shanahan making a “Poopy face” during the horrendous Redskins game against the 49ers.

Dan asked people to come up with captions and some were truly hysterical.  The more I read and laughed, the more I wondered what further fun could be had at the expense of Shanny’s mug.

Without further ado, I give you COMING ATTRACTIONS with Mike “Poopy Face” Shanahan:


Han Solohan

THE LORD OF THE RINGS as Gollum (..ahan?)

DELIVERANCE as… Mike Shanahan with a purrty mouth

and finally, JURASSIC PARK as the terrifying Shanasaurus Rex

Shanasaurus Rex

Must go faster Ian.