“And then I massaged her face…. LIKE THIS!”


There there, my sweet prince

The Mountain and Prince Oberyn alternate ending, Game of Thrones


Sad Ray Lewis is Sad

Because fake tears are funny tears

Sad Ray is Sensitive

Sad Ray is Sensitive

Ray Lewis cries watching The Notebook

Sad Ray Lewis is Sad

And for internet meme purposes, here’s the blank…

Sad Ray blank



Robert Griffin III Redskins

On April 26th, 2012 you may hear a horrific, effeminate squeal ring out over the busy streets of Northern Virginia.  This sound will be me shrieking with delight and flailing flamboyantly in front of my television as the Redskins draft one Robert Griffin the third.  Tears will be shed, man crushes will be solidified, respect from my loved ones will reach an all time low.  The savior of Redskins football is only a draft pick away friends.  Fingers crossed…

OVER 9000!!!!


Saiyan LeBron James

For the hand full of supportive friends who actually follow this blog, I am sorry for the lack of new content.  Christmas, engagements, and Skyrim were to blame.  I return to you a wiser man now ready to take on my responsibilities… pointless photoshops!

Oh, and here’s LeBron James as Vegeta…. Enjoy!



To conform to the meme-crazy internets, I tossed in some Impact font and voila!

VeBron Meme

LeBron James over 9000